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Foundational Program

The first step towards building high-performance, self-managed teams, and organizations

Meant for curious and critical enthusiasts who really want to know what Semco Style is, how it works and why this organizational and leadership style is so effective.

Are you tired of classic hierarchies? Are you interested in busting bureaucracy and empowering people? Do you have an appetite for the secrets behind high-performance teams? Then, this course may be the perfect place to begin.

The Foundation Program enables you to:


  • Work with a framework to facilitate a better climate of innovation within your organization and/or department.

  • Understand the steps required to achieve more autonomy and self-management in your organization and/or department.

  • Make the first steps towards more high performance and self-managed teams within your organization.

  • Understand what is needed to make your business more agile.

Pricing & registration for modular program

  • It is always possible to decide after each module whether you want to proceed to the next level in the Semco Style program.

  • Participants who decide to pursue all three modules will have the opportunity to get certified as a Semco Style Master Consultant.

  • If you sign up for multiple training modules at once, you are eligible for a discount.

This training is also available as an in-company program.