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Semco Style Master Consultant Certification Program

Semco is renowned throughout the world for its innovative business approach. The Brazilian company succeeded in achieving spectacular results through common sense, faith, responsibility, and did so with the support of happy, healthy employees. In the 90s, Semco successfully introduced its unique approach to a range of large and small organizations. Today, several books and documentaries that explain the philosophy behind Semco, and the ideas of its founder Ricardo Semler, have inspired leaders around the world. For the first time, all the knowledge and experience of Semco is now available in India in a modular, multi-level certification program.

Our modular program consists of 3 levels, that you can register separately for, or sign up for all at once at a special price. 

Dates : 07-08 May '20 @ Mumbai

              TBA                     @ Chennai

Pre req - You need to be a believer that Future-proof organizations need a radical shift in the leadership paradigm


INR 40,000/- + GST

Dates :  TBA

Pre req - Inspiration after attending our Foundational workshop and keen interest to put that to work


INR 70,000/- + GST

Dates : 26-27-28 Mar '20 @Bangalore

Pre req - Graduates from our Changemaker program and interest to help our clients make work awesome!


INR 80,000/- + GST