Semcostyle Institute India is a venture by industry veterans with extensive experience playing leadership roles in setting and scaling up marquee corporations in India. With a shared passion for driving a more human-centric democratic management in organizations, they came together to form Semcostyle India. Semcostyle Institute India is a licensed country partner of Semcostyle Institute, co-founded by Ricardo Semler and three Dutch entrepreneurs in the Netherlands in May 2016. The institute offers consulting services, training programs for consultants, change-makers, and entrepreneurs who are looking to create purpose-driven, high-performing organizations with happy employees.     

The Semco Style Institute aims to fuel the ongoing evolution of the Semco Style of organizing by creating a community of Certified Consultants and Semco Style Change Makers who can learn from each other.


Semco Style Master Consultant

More than 30 years of diverse experience in multinational software organizations, audit firms and start-ups including a 10-year entrepreneurial stint.


Active angel investor and a sought-after mentor for several entrepreneurs.

Strong believer that nation-building is possible only through innovative ideas and start-ups are the place to go. Passionate about helping organizations that are in an exciting stage of their evolution. Excited about sharing experiences and helping entrepreneurs through formal and informal coaching.


Semco Style Master Consultant

More than 3 decades of experience playing leadership roles in the IT sector. Vast experience in setting and scaling up of software engineering centers of excellence.


Accredited Mentor at IIM Bangalore for social enterprise startups.

A passionate advocate of democratic management he strongly believes its time to move away from the autocratic style of management of the Industrial age to a democratic style of management that is essential in the current Information era.


Semco Style Master Consultant

Over three decades of experience in various leadership positions in the Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Resource Management and Enterprise IT Management domains.


As ex CIO of IBM-ASEAN, has vast experience in enterprise IT Management and setting & scaling up of Talent Supply Chain functions.

Passionate about driving people-centric transformations to build high performance, culturally diverse organizations.


Semco Style Master Consultant

Over three decades of diverse experience in the IT industry including multinational hardware and software organizations, start-ups including a 10-year entrepreneurial stint. Experienced in large transformation and change management projects and software services delivery.

Believes there is a huge need for innovation and development of social enterprises that can meaningfully employ the rural youth and provide them a conducive work environment to utilize their full potential. Passionate about the advancement of women and loves sharing experience and mentoring start-up and individuals.


Semco Style Master Consultant

Pharmaceutical R&D scientist turned HR professional with almost 2 decades experience in transformation leadership including Organization Development and strategy, Employee Engagement and Coaching in Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Energy sectors.

Certified Design Thinking Professional, Transactional Analyst and Behavior Analyst. An eternal optimist with a passion to motivate and help people awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in them.

Passionate about converting workplaces to meaningful and happy workplaces.


Semco Style Master Consultant

Backed by 30 years of work experience in successfully setting up three European MNC subsidiaries in India across engineering, automation, and capital good industry. Hands-on CEO level experience mixed with failures, learnings and success adds to his business wisdom. 


Passionate about people, idea generator,  innovative in approach, carries strong financial acumen, embraces technology easily and loves to see everyone grow together in an ecosystem. Supports over 600 entrepreneurs in their growth journey through BNI - Business Network International as part of this social passion to encourage small entreprenuers to think big.


Semco Style Master Consultant

An entrepreneur with over 25 years of professional experience in manufacturing and IT, including a leadership position with a large Telecom product company.

Digital transformation and Agile expert who believes that the true value of Agile is delivered only when one goes beyond deploying Agile methodologies.

Passionate about building true self-managed teams that are high on ownership and accountability.


Semco Style Master Consultant

30+ years of experience in IT services, leading delivery, practices and functions.  Now, consulting organisations with their go-to-market and coaching salespeople and leaders. 

Best-selling author of the book Games Customers Play, rated by Amazon as a ‘Memorable Book of 2018’.


Believes that work does not have to suck, and the only sustainable competitive advantage of a company is its culture.  

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