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Changemaker Program

For those who want thriving teams to be the cornerstone of their organization. 

Are you convinced that work can be more fun, healthy and effective? Do you agree that companies that facilitate coworkers to be happy end up with happy customers as well? In this course, you will develop top-level democratic leadership skills to stop being a boss and become a facilitating leader of your self-sufficient team. It helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers learn how to work ON their business instead of being stuck IN the business.

The Changemaker Program enables you to:


  • Understand what is needed to make your department or team more agile.

  • Build teams where the performance and talents of people will flourish.

  • Help people and teams to take ownership and be entrepreneurial.

  • Apply practices from the Semco Style toolkit to get the most out of your people and to get the best team performance.

  • Work ON your business instead of IN the business.

  • Stimulate teams to achieve greater performance.

Program highlights

During the three days of the training, of which the first two days are consecutive, you will focus on the following subjects:

Day 1 
Trust, Alternative Controls, Self-management, and Stakeholder Alignment
Four of the five Semco Style principles are experienced through exercises and applied to your own organization and case. Core skills for this are practiced and tools and interventions are provided.

Semco Style leadership
Individuality and meaning (also called 'purpose' or 'intent') form the basis of a personal Semco leadership style. These individual motives are activated, deepened and used consciously.

Creative Innovation
The combination of entrepreneurship and innovation is tackled with the fifth Semco Style principle. Your own case is used to apply this principle. Using practical working methods you will experience how you can increase ownership, creativity and problem-solving in your own organization.

Day 2
The lessons learned from day 1 will be put into practice, practiced and experimented. These own experiences form the basis for further refining and securing (one of) the Semco Style principles. The core skills are further practiced and deepened. This means that there is both deepening in the theory and deepening in personal leadership, how you as a leader shape this new process. The participant's cases produce joint insights and best practices and show the possibilities and limitations of the interventions.

Day 3
Once again, practical experiences and own cases are central, but the emphasis now lies on safeguarding Semco's own leadership style. Talent, personality and behavioral patterns are included in the evaluation of their own effectiveness and influence ability. For this personal Semco leadership style a personal vision is formulated and 'breakthrough' aspects and actions are determined, which are included in a 30, 60, 90 day plan.

Participants profile

Team-leaders: you desire to lead your team towards a role and contribution that meets the requirements of todays business needs. Stimulating craftsmanship and ownership are key issues you’d like to work on.

Changemakers: you work in HR, learning and development, R&D, project management or another department that supports your organization primarily line of business. Your desire is to increase individual and organizational performance.

Entrepreneurs with growth ambitions: you recognize the need to work on the business instead of in the business and consider it important to be a modern and highly effective employer, by stimulating engagement, entrepreneurship, and responsibility in your company.

All participants are required to bring a real-life project where Semco Style principles can be applied.

This training is also available as an in-company program.