Explore the Journey to Become Semco Style Master Consultant



4 sessions of 4 Hrs each, over a week
Mode - Online

The only pre-requisite for this workshop is your belief that this era of wisdom needs a new leadership paradigm.

Your first step towards Shaping Future of Work

Understand how Semco Style helps :

  • Build self-managing teams to achieve greater performance 

  • Understand the essential steps to improve autonomy and ownership.

  • Improve the agility of the team by making Agile truly effective.

  • Arrive at an effective approach to managing millennials


Foundation Workshop gets you closer to the Semco Style Framework and methodology, as well as highlight its relevance in the era we live in. It's experiential learning at its best. Come and experience it yourself.

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Change Maker

5 Sessions of 4 Hrs each, spread over 2 weeks
Mode - Hybrid of Self-paced and online sessions

The pre-requisite is that you have completed the Semco Style Foundation Workshop in the previous six months. 

Getting Hands-On : Shaping Future of Work

Prepare to put things in action​:

  • Get a practical perspective of the Semco Style framework

  • Expand understanding of each principle and ways to strengthen them leveraging Semco Style practices

  • Understand what it takes to implement this in an organization

  • Individual/team level action plan/roadmap 

  • Training on key experiential exercises to help facilitation.


Get a deeper understanding of each Principle, Pillar and 100s of Practices that form Semco Style. Learn how to implement this in teams and organizations so as to be effective Semco Style Change-Maker.

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7 Sessions of 4 Hrs each, spread over 3 weeks
Mode - Online

The pre-requisite is that you have completed the Semco Style Change Maker Workshop sometime in previous six months. 

Your Final Step to Begin Shaping Future of Work

Master the Semco Style Engagement journey:

  • Comprehensive walk-through from pre-sale to delivery, leveraging Semco Style 

  • Deep-dive of  Semco Style Client Engagement Road-map to ensure effective Semco Style implementation

  • Training on various experiential exercises to improve coaching and facilitation skills required during the full-term engagement


This workshop focuses on Semco Style Road-map that prepares you to help clients adapt to Semco Style. It's a unique learning experience filled with case-studies, double-loop learning as well as engagement and facilitation techniques critical to succeed as an independent Semco Style Master Consultant.

Congratulations, you are now ready to shape the future of work!